Is this a serious project?


Why do it?

Because before we started we felt strongly about the related issues, and still really want to help the people affected by these issues and raise awareness. We wanted to inspire peoples imaginations and I’m optimistic that by getting people to start small at home we can really create a ripple effect that helps others all around the world. People around the world have come to join me whilst walking, for example in Singapore I was joined by 14 people from all kinds of backgrounds to spend the day walking across the country (its only 30kms from top to bottom)  

Where will the money go?

All money raised will be divided among the endorsed charities. Helping provide clean water access and sanitation to multiple countries around the world and to help preserve the marine life we are so drastically effecting with over fishing and pollution.

What about your food and water?

I’ll be sourcing and carrying supplies as I travel, living off local foodstuffs and water as I find access to it. Whilst also wanting to highlight effective new technologies for water purification such as those provided to me by Lifesaver Systems, which I’ll be using throughout the walk.

Are you camping? And how safe is it going to be?

As safe as I can make it. I’m camping for the majority of the walk, but am trying to CouchSurf through major cities to help with the safety issues.

What about crossing water?

Unfortunately I was not given permission to walk the service tunnels of the Channel Tunnel, so I travelled as a foot passengers on a Ferry.
Then all land until the end of Asia, where I had to take boats to hop from island to island in Indonesia. Then plane to Australia to finish the walk across the Nullarbor. 

Will you be filming the walk?

I’m filming as I walk, and will producing videos for the Borderwalk YouTube Channel as I go. 

What about running your electronics?

I have support from a solar panel company who have provided me with solar powered chargers, and am briefly stopping in the occasional public building as I walk.

When did you start?

Started April, 2012.

How far do you walk in a day?

Depends on the country I’m in and factors like visa length and terrain, but on a normal day I average about 30-40kms a day. My record so far in a single day is 56kms.

And when do you finish?

Hopefully I’ll have made it to the East coast of Australia before the end of April 2017.