About the project

The Project.

What began as a 2 man, 3 year journey, has become a 1 man, 5 year solo mission for Arjun to finish what he started. A walk from Cardiff South Wales, UK to Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia.

Starting from Cardiff in the UK, he’ll be travelling, covering over ten thousand miles and crossing areas such as the east European forests, Kazakh desert (in summer), Kyrgyz mountains (in winter), South-East Asian jungles and island chains, and completely across Australia from Western Australia to New South Wales, finally finishing in Cardiff.

Arjun will be carrying all his own equipment with him, camping and sourcing food and water locally, experiencing cultures he encounters and seeing how other communities are living with our changing world. As well as that, Arjun will be documenting the evolution of his relationship with water. As he walks through these countries you’ll share his elation and pitfalls as he struggles along his way. As well as the blog you can follow him on Instagram or Twitter (@ASBhogal).

The aim of this project is to raise money for various charities and raise awareness of environmental issues, issues that have no borders and affect us all, no matter what country we live in.

The charities involved are focused on eco-projects, ocean conservation, social awareness, green policy making, sustainability and clean water access for poorer communities across the world, so the further he’s able to travel, the more communities the charities are able to help. DONATE HERE



The Walkers.

Arjun Bhogal.(Expedition Leader)  www.arjunbhogal.co.uk

Writer, cinematographer and photographer. Convinced Kieran that walking was a better idea than driving. Takes a few photos, directs and edits the videos. Twitter


Kieran Rae. (Has walked on and off for 2 out of the 5 years)

Graphic/web designer, photographer. Originally wanted to drive the world and had only occasionally traveled around Europe previously. Wrote the blog throughout Europe and Kazakhstan, takes lots of photos and tinkers with videos. Twitter


More information visit the website,