Important news in bad quality

in bulletpoint format –
– (Spoiler alert!) We made it to Kyrgyzstan!
– We sent our passports back to the UK for Pakistan visas.
– What was only supposed to take a month took more than two, and Kierans application was denied.
– Getting the passports sent back out to us took longer than expected as well, causing us to overstay our Kyrgyzstan visa and get thrown in jail for three days.
– After our embassy stepped in and sorted things out, we were released and spent the next few days discussing what we were going to do about Kierans Pakistan visa.
– After talking with various agencies, it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen, and that Kieran simply could not do the walk through Pakistan.
– Because of everything that had happened and the time that had passed, Arjun could also no longer walk through China into Pakistan, because of restrictions on the Chinese visa and the mountain pass closing due to the weather.

As a result of all these factors (and a couple of others also out of our hands), Kieran has flown home to the UK. Arjun will continue solo.

Arjuns solo walk is taking him through what is easily one of the most dangerous parts of the world. Please continue to support him.

– Sorry for how brief this all is, it’s been a hell of a blow to us both.

About theborderwalk

Journey on foot from the UK to Australia.


  1. Si

    Hi from Brighton again (how long ago that must seem!). So sorry to hear about the unfortunate events but – from following you guys over your journey thus far – I feel positive that you’ll work it out the best you can. Good luck, dudes!

  2. …I second the above comments wholly…:))

  3. Josh Bamford

    These things are unfortunate but you guys have shown great commitment and courage that even if the whole thing ended tomorrow it would still be a monumentous thing you have both done. This is an unfortunate bump in the road, but theres shit load of road left to traverse with your heads held high. Heroes. Pure and simple.

  4. Lesley James

    I echo Jude’s words, you must be devastated. I have been following you both for nearly a year and constantly astonished at your perseverance and good humour, at what must have been some truly awful and frightening events but also the wonderful, wonderful people you have met. Your spirt is so inspiring. Arjan, I will continue to follow you of course, and I really hope your bravery in the decision to continue alone is the right one and I send you my very best wishes for your safety in the next chapter in your venture.

  5. ..there are no words to say that can match how you must be feeling……so so so sorry……but I am really fearful for Arjun, I will say no more………:((

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