Arjun begins his solo section

A video of Arjun discussing his unfortunate situation.

For those unable to watch the video, in bulletpoint format –
– Arjun has sent the carts to India and intends to walk this section with only a backpack.
– Because of the time it’s all taken the China pass is closed, so he has to circle the Himalayas through the rest of Kyrgyzstan, then Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to get to India.
– It’s winter, it’s snowy and very cold.
– Due to complex visa restrictions he has to keep his average up around 30km a day.

Arjun and Kieran will attempt to keep in contact so that Kieran can update this and keep followers informed of Arjuns progress and experiences.

About theborderwalk

Journey on foot from the UK to Australia.


  1. Nadia

    Keep safe Arjun, we’ll be following you :-)

  2. Wishing you all the luck for the best of journey’s, and I will be sending a request every day to whoever may be out there to keep you safe……:))

  3. Debby

    Safe journey Arjun, keep in touch :)

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