It’s been a couple of weeks! Sorry about that…

As you’ve hopefully seen on our youtube channel, we ran into some pretty major problems in Kyrgyzstan.

To sum up, for Pakistan visas we had to send our passports back to the UK. We did. What was supposed to take less than two weeks however, turned into two months, a bit of jail time, expired Chinese visas and no Pakistan visa for Kieran.

After spending near another month holed up in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, trying to fathom a solution, Kieran had to accept the situation for what it was and fly back to the UK. Arjun also had to work out a route around China, which required another two visas (one being for Afghanistan) and another month in Bishkek.

Hopefully you can understand why the blog has been a bit quiet!

But now, Kieran is in the UK and will continue writing the blog on behalf of Arjun as he continues to India solo. Arjuns route has dramatically changed, walking south-west through Kyrgyzstan into Tajikistan, down to Afghanistan and then back east into Pakistan and eventually India. Once in India, Kieran hopes to fly back out and meet him, and they will continue the journey together from there.

The last two blog posts were supposed to cover the few days walk from Shymkent to Bishkek, but unfortunately there has been some kind of mix-up and the photos from those days cannot be found…

As such, next week there will be a blog post on those few days (likely without photos), along with tales from our stay in Bishkek, and then Kieran will blog what he can with information text/emailed from Arjun. Unfortunately we cannot say how often these will be, but we will try to keep to friday weekly updates.

So yeah, check back next friday/saturday for more news and stuff!

About theborderwalk

Journey on foot from the UK to Australia.

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