Final update before the scheduled


Almaty has been fun! Nasib, Jas and Lotty came out, and we had a couple of nights on the town, saw some mountains, did a little archery, had some nice meals and met plenty of good people in the hostel. Particular people of note include Micheal the Canadian, who had been travelling for a while and accompanied us on our early embassy visits, being a great help in getting some of the paperwork and details correct. Josh the British cyclist, one of three cycling from the UK to and around Asia, whom unfortunately parted ways in Kyrgyzstan. The tandemturners, a British couple tandem cycling home to London from New Zealand, and many others including a large number of people taking part in the Mongolia Charity Rally, a Swedish cyclist, and a sweet couple on holiday. Finally, Aibek, manager of the hostel we have been staying at who has been friendly and welcoming the entire time.


Nasib, Jas and Lotty head back to the UK tomorrow (friday), and we are left to continue borderwalk.


On monday, we find out what has happened with our Chinese visas. Regardless, we then travel back to Shymkent to put DJ Mark4 together (many thanks again Val!), pick up Sarah Mark3, say our goodbyes to Sanjar and Sergey, and begin walking again, towards Kyrgyzstan, where we will then stop for another month in Bishkek while we sort out our Pakistan and India visas (and possibly our Chinese ones too).


Much of the electronics are being sent back, so when we get wifi, if we are able to post blogs, they will be without any media unfortunately, simple news updates only. Luckily (though we feel we are repeating ourselves), you can check back here every friday from next week to catch up on a new post or two, sometimes with videos! We will likely tweet a little over at @theborderwalk during the weekend and whilst in Bishkek, and (Chinese Great Firewall permitting) will continue to Spot check our locations, but we fear that after Bishkek, wifi may be non-existent until Pakistan or even India in a few months time.


In the meanwhile, we would like to thank everyone again for your continued support, and hope you enjoy the coming blog posts!


Many thanks,



DSC06052 DSC05892 DSC05896 DSC05889 DSC05989 DSC00118 DSC06025 DSC06007 DSC05849 20130831_212615 20130831_231017 DSC05821


  1. judy

    ..keep on following the dream you inspirational guys……so proud :)) xxx

  2. Valentin

    Thanks to all who helped Borderwalk. Thank you friends Kieran and Arjun, who supported them and helped to defuse a tense situation with visas. Well, you guys, thank you for giving us the confidence in your endurance and willpower. Great pictures. Hello from Alex and Den.

  3. judy

    Great pics as usual. Sorry there won’t be any for a while but ‘needs must’ as the saying goes……will be looking forward to your future blogs of course. You look well in the pictures, the rest and good living has obviously suited you ha……Good luck with your visas, good luck on your continued journey….. and I’ll be wishing you safe and well every day :)) xxxx

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