26.02.2013 A taste of the border

After being dropped off by Vova, we set out feeling totally refreshed and good to make the border. The clouds had all but vanished, the sun was a little bit warm, and the roads began to flatten out. So we made good distance.

Early in the afternoon, a car pulled up and two border patrolmen got out. Asking to see our documents we obliged and then waited for them to notice the obvious. We have to explain, that in waiting a ridiculous amount of time for the completion of the Russian and Kazakhstan visas, we have been forced to overstay our Ukraine visas, and not by a small amount (basically all the time we spent in Kiev). The patrolmen weren’t too impressed, and spoke no English, so for a good two hours, with a third patrolman pulling up as well, we were stood at the roadside trying to explain our situation, which was that the OVRI office had simply refused to sell us a visa and said we would have to pay a fine at the border. We’re pretty good at charades, but not that good.

After getting no where and multiple phone calls the third patrolman explained via our map that we were to follow the road as we were and meet them at the border station the next day, which we explained was our original plan. The meeting had cost us valuable walking time, and running out of sun we walked for as far as we dared and stopped to camp with the sunset. Arjun knew worrying was pointless, Kieran couldn’t help it, tomorrow was going to be very interesting.



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