Ukrainian Camo Man


Aside from the Old English Gent who we met throughout the UK, no where on borderwalk have we met a character as consistent as the Ukrainian Camo Man.

Initially they made us a little uncomfortable, wandering about in the woods, trekking through fields with guns, hanging around fires on the roadside and pushing their 4x4s and old soviet buses to their very limits, but as we met them more (they really are everywhere in Ukraine), our opinions quickly changed.

Every time they were friendly, smiling and enthusiastic about what we were doing, wishing us luck and always offering help. We’re not sure if they’re actually people employed to maintain the country or not, but regardless, they certainty do, tending to the woodland, fixing broken cars on the roadside, delivering supplies to villages and generally standing guard.

Alas, we have no photos of these people (it’s impossible, they’re camouflaged), but we would like to bid farewell to them. So here’s to you Ukrainian Camo Man, hero of the nation and protector of all who dwell within, we shall miss you!



One comment

  1. judy

    ….and maybe looking out for you too :))…thank-you Ukranian Camo Man……xxxx

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