23.02.2013 Drinks in a cinema

After the chicken meal, good rest and snug night (we wore a few extra clothes to bed as a bit of an indulgence), we were up with the sunrise to another bitterly cold morning. We filmed our water instantly freezing, packed up and got back on the road. Whilst getting there we noticed even more movement in Arjuns wheel, and once there we heard a strange sound coming from the other wheel. A little nervous, we continued on.

On route we picked up a cute stray dog which looked like a baby wookie, who we rather stupidly fed when we stopped. It followed us all the 10km to a town outskirts, where we chatted with some traffic police and tried to find a garage or cafe for water.

The dog left us to follow an older gent who had come over to chat with us, and unable to find water we decided we would have to detour into the town.

It was a bigger place than we expected, and as we were there we became a little determined to find wifi, which led us to a cheap hotel, which because of Arjuns carts deteriorating health we thought we should check into… This will be the last hotel for a long time.

Arjun spent the day doing what he could to repair his cart, and as the hotel didn’t have wifi, we then went out in the evening to try and find a restaurant or place that did. We were eventually directed to a cinema, where as we went to sit down we were greeted by two guys interested in what we were doing (hey Danil and Edik!). We all sat down and soon drinks started being poured, a cat settled on Kierans lap, Google Translate went on the laptop and we spent the evening conversing, also discovering that Edik is a Ukrainian beatboxing champion!

It was amazing to be able to sit and chat over drinks like normal people, something that we take for granted back home, and as the evening wore on Danil even took us around to his Uncles restaurant where we were served chicken kiev and chips!

We were supposed to meet up again the next day before leaving, but woke up late with a bit of hangover so missed Danil (sorry!). We checked in a final night to recover and say goodbye to Edik, update and charge stuff and prepare for the march through Russia.

We are only about 60km from the border with no towns inbetween, so it might be a while before we post again. Don’t forget that you can subscribe and receive email alerts when we post new content, also you can follow us on twitter where we try to tweet our location daily and when we post new content here or on youtube.




  1. Charl

    :) :) be safe on your new journey boys x

  2. judy

    …good luck on your trek to the border, and when you get there. I’ll have you in my thoughts. Really hope the snow and cold are no worse for you guys. Your dedication is truly fantastic. Look forward to your next blogs……my usual mantra !! :)) xxxx

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