22.02.2013 Nearly Nandos

It snowed heavily all night, and it was getting cold again. We were up a bit late as neither of us wanted to get out of our sleeping bags, and once we had packed up and got back on the road, we were greeted by hill after hill, all steep. It wasn’t too great a day.

We’d done a good bit of walking, getting most way through the day when a compost van pulled up and a man got out to chat. We explained what we were doing and showed him our map, mostly playing charades but understanding each other, and before he left he told us to wait a minute whilst he went into the back of his van. With no idea what to expect out of the back of a compost van, we did, and when he returned shortly after we were a little lost for words.

He returned with a loaf of bread and a whole raw chicken. It was a bit strange, but we were so grateful, thanked him and waved him off as he left. Then we agreed that the chicken was more important than distance, got off the road into woodland and lifted the ban on Kieran making fires.



  1. judy

    …..you are so o o o o o funny……:)) xx

  2. judy

    …..if for nothing else your journey has been worth it for the sheer kindness of people you have met on the way….:)) xxx

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