21.02.2013 Refused service

We woke up early to make good distance (and because it was windy and cold), but not 10km down the road found a cafe with wifi…

We decided to sit and update the blog (apologies for typos, we were a bit rushed) and enjoy a coffee. We were there for a couple of hours, and though the place was empty, we decided out of politeness to order some food. Literally as Arjun went to order, we were told we had to move out of the restaurant and into the bar area, and that the kitchen was closed, all said whilst they were taking the menu they’d gave us off our table. We were a bit upset, as it meant we didn’t have as much time on the internet as we needed, we were hungry, and we hadn’t made the most of our early morning to make distance, indeed at the time of leaving we weren’t even sure we’d make our minimum target.

Once back on the road we decided to put our heads down and try to get as far as we could, and then some good things happened.

The roads got flat, the potholes started disappearing, a couple of cars of people stopped to talk and wish us luck, all friendly smiley people, and by the evening just as it began snowing again, we found ourselves having made our distance.

Pleasantly surprised, we stopped rather than continue on for the last thirty minutes due to lack of good camping, dragging the carts down a rather steep verge and noticing some worrying movements in one of Arjuns wheels.



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  1. judy

    big :)) xxx

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