20.02.2013 Remembering the sun

We awoke to blue skies, clear blue skies for the first time since Kiev, and also for the first time, we could actually feel a hint of warmth from the sunshine. It was certainly motivating, as we were up early and on the road, making 20km before midday, stopping in a short stretch of town.

At the town we stopped to buy some real supplies (we really didn’t get much in Izyum) and were greeted by a lady working in the shop who had seen us walking. We explained what we were doing, and she very sincerely blessed us and gave us a huge jar of picked gherkins! Outside the shop a couple of men drinking chatted, and once we’d explained again, offered us vodka and told every customer walking past about what we were doing, with even some road maintenance workers stopping to chat. Was a really nice stop, and by the time we left the sun had come out even brighter.

Knowing we were on for good distance, we slowed pace nearing the end of the day, stopping at 30km for a break.

As the sun was getting low, we found ourselves short of decent camping with a town not far ahead, so we had to trek into a field for a bit to find a low dip where we were hidden from view, but unfortunately totally exposed to the wind. Our tent is showing some signs of strain (various poles now mostly made up of duck-tape), and we were worried about what might happen in the night, but got to enjoy and pleasant sunset.


DSC05094 DSC05087 DSC05082



  1. judy

    …..a good day then …..xxxx

  2. Debby

    Lovely views, showing how nice it is over there, though I don’t expect you think so in the cold. However, good news is you are not far from the Russian border and the weather will start to get warmer in the next few months… x

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