19.02.2013 A drunk tries to keep up

It was still cold, all our water was still frozen, but for what must be only the third day since Kiev we saw some blue in the sky.

We headed down into the town where we stopped to chat to some traffic police whilst checking the map, and decided we had plenty of supplies to continue through. There were a few big hills on the other side of the town, the first one of which had a rather intoxicated man waiting in a bus stop. Seeing us walking he stumbled over and started talking, entirely in Russian. We explained (whilst walking) that we only spoke English, but it didn’t deter him from walking alongside Arjun constantly talking and asking questions for a good twenty minutes. He stopped to try and flag down a bus, and having failed to do so tried to catch up, only to stumble to a stop and wave us on.

Probably very friendly guy, but wwaayy too drunk and a little annoying.

The sky stayed relatively clear, bits of snow and wind but returning to patchy blue by the afternoon, lucky for Arjun as he got another puncture, and we finished the day having made distance, but not made up for yesterdays shortcomings.




One comment

  1. judy

    ..you are seeing a lot of life on your trek….:)) xx

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