17.02.2013 The water freezes again

Woke up early but got up a bit late due to the cold, in the night the temperatures had plummeted to the point where a single tap on our water bottles caused them to instantly freeze up. Fun the first time, a nuisance when it happens to all other bottles.

We got on the road and were greeted with hill after hill after hill, but occasionally we could see a glimmer of sun behind the clouds and were inspired to push on at good pace, making 20km by 2pm.

Five filthy landrovers full of Ukrainian Camo Men (explanation coming soon) pulled out of the woods at one point, stopped at inquired what we were doing, got very enthusiastic and honked us in succession as they drove away.

We stopped to eat some chocolate, was a bit crap so finished it all in one sitting, then strolled to 27km by the days end.




  1. judy

    :)) + the usual mantra !! xx

  2. Debby

    :) again another good day x

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