13.02.2013 Winter came back…

In the night we heard heavy rainfall, groaned about it and forgot about it, we’d rather it rain at night than during the day when we’re walking.

That morning we woke up cold to more than six inches deep snowfall and a blizzard. Good job we didn’t ditch all our cold weather gear.

It wasn’t a great situation, and Arjun was really not happy about it. The roads were bad enough that we were zig-zagging constantly anyway, but now it was like playing minesweeper blind, with carts we were already worried about. As if things weren’t bad enough, once we’d hauled our gear back to the road and found that traffic was just driving in one formed lane in the middle of the road, we turned a corner to a big, steep hill.

At the top, with nothing to be cheerful about, Kieran suggested we get the camera out and do some filming in what we hoped would be the last of the snow. Arjun wasn’t impressed, but agreed. It didn’t make him happier, it just shortened his temper.

We took up a slow pace, stopping periodically to eat what was left of our biscuits. No one stopped, we got caked in slush from passing lorries, and it was cold again.

We had a goal though, to reach the junction where the rural roads met the Izyum main road 36km away. We made it. Arjun was happier.




  1. Debby

    so much for the winter weather coming to an end….. still to me it looks lovely, just keep up your spirits. glad you didnt get rid of all your cold weather gear…..

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