12.02.2013 Winter is most definitely over

We were both up in the night feeling warm, the doubled up sleeping bags with fleecy liner were starting to be too much, even for Kieran who strips down to just thermals to sleep.  We woke up and not for the first time were able to pack everything away out of gloves, and a little down the road even fix a puncture on Arjuns cart without too much trouble.

We stopped on a bridge where we watched people ice fish for a while and ate biscuits. It didn’t look too much fun, and so we continued.

Later in the day a car pulled up and a man in a car got out with his mobile and his English speaking friend on the other end. They asked what we were up to, wished us luck and asked us if we wanted any help at all. We explained we fine and thanked them for their offers, and then ground out the rest of the day, making it over 30km and stopping in a flat, concealed bit of woodland outside a small village. We ate outside that night, beginning to enjoy the distances we were making.

DSC05042 DSC05054



  1. Debby

    Brrrrr, looks cold to me :)

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