11.02.2013 Going Roman

In the daylight we saw that the roads were getting worse, and worried for the carts. In an attempt to extend their lifespans we decided we needed to shift some weight from them onto our backs, hopefully meaning the hits they’d be taking wouldn’t be quite so damaging. We thought back to Roman and unpacked everything, starting with our rucksacks. We went brutal, spares, some cold weather gear, thermals, trainers and half-worn boots, all went into a bag to be left at the first bus stop (someone might want it…), and was replaced by new shoes, bedding, food, toiletries and random loose clothing. Our bags were back up in weight, but our carts were noticeably lighter.

Once on the road, we found that the hill we’d stopped just before was actually a bridge over the train tracks which we’d hope to reach, which lifted spirits that had been weighted down by the rucksacks. Shortly into a village some plains clothes police stopped to check our details, seemed they didn’t believe us until we handed them a card with the website address, but they were pleasant.

Another long day of lengthy inclines and brisk wind. We stopped around dusk in what available camping was in sight, which was very uncomfortable.




  1. Debby

    Clearing out the rubbish should help, just dont get rid of it all as you do not know what the weather holds in the coming weeks :)

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