09.02.2013 An early stop…

We were up early and headed straight into the town. We didn’t find much of what we were looking for, but were able to stock up on food and water to last a while.

As we were walking out an older man on a bike stopped to try and chat, which worked to an extent, he understood what we were doing and we understood that he wished us all the best. Then, once back on the roads, we hit some big hills.

Though the landscape is quite flat and the hills generally aren’t that steep, they are very rolling, with inclines lasting long distances, which combined with strong winds, awful road surfaces and traffic, makes the entire day a hard effort.

We decided to stop early to rest a few pains and give Arjun daylight to do some sewing repairs. We knew we couldn’t do this often, as our average had to be over 25km a day, so once we stopped we set up straight away and got into our sleeping bags, to make the most of the resting time.





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