08.02.2013 Hills

There was a bit of sun, but it was very windy, and now that we were off the main routes the roads were crossing over hills. Arjuns hip was hurting, Kierans heel was hurting, but we pushed on and made distance.

Along the way a man in a UK Downhill Halfpipe Snow jacket stopped to chat and wish us luck, and two guys in a car also stopped to have a chat and give us good news about how far away we were from the town we were aiming for. Not too much further down the road as we approached the place, the two guys pulled up again with a friend in another car who gave us chocolate bars! They all got out to chat and take photos and wish us luck, all nice guys.

It was beginning to get dark by the time they left, so we decided to camp on the outskirts and head into the town with the daylight.




  1. judy

    Super pic..pleased about all the great people you meet :)) xx

  2. Debby

    lovely people in Ukraine :)

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