06.02.2013 A stuffed wolf

Today we were looking forward to making it through another innocuous town, slightly bigger, and then making it onto proper rural roads where hopefully there would be little to no traffic and we could lengthen our walking window. The skies had turned grey again and the temperature had dropped noticeably, but not too long after midday we had the town in our sights.

The outskirts were large, and Kierans heel was playing up, so we stopped at the first garage to sit with a bit of wifi for 5mins, but the wifi didn’t work and so we continued on, only to find that we’d either completely missed the town centre, or there basically was none. Kieran stopped at a pharmacy for painkillers much to Arjuns humour, to confirm that drugs such as ibuprofen are universally named.

We continued through the opposite outskirts of the town for a long while, until we were all but 5km off our daily distance, but feeling tired, achy, and next to a hotel. As Arjun checked wifi and prices, what looked like a camera crew outside got chatting to Kieran and were very impressed with our project, wanting to take photos and ask some questions. Once Arjun returned we obliged and then said goodbye before checking in for a night.

The hotel staff were amazingly friendly, and the place was swish, with stuffed animals and crystal glassed everywhere, so we retreated to our room to shower and begin internet work. Unfortunately early in the evening the internet completely died, and we were left watching films and petitioning to the receptionist to reset the router.




  1. Debby

    Typical internet…. At least all is good and you are in fine spirits x

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