05.02.2013 The wonderful town of Karlivka

We woke up to sunshine (only the second time since Kiev), and were out of the tent early to pack and get walking. By midday, we had covered more than 10km. Along the road a lorry pulled over with the driver getting out to chat, didn’t speak English but understood what we were doing and was very cheeful.

Later on as we stopped to have a snack, a car pulled over and a guy who spoke relatively good English explained that he owned a bus and could give us a lift if needed, we explained what we were doing and gave him a card.

Not too long after we arrived at Karlivka, where we stopped at a nice garage to replenish snack supplies and rest for a bit. A very friendly female garage attendant came to ask what were doing, and even brought out a couple of cups of tea for us as we were eating! Another male garage attendant got out his phone to take some photos, and as we were about to leave, the man from before who offered a bus ride turned up with his son (who spoke fluent English) explaining that he’d looked at our website and would like to do an interview for the tv with us!

We accepted, and five minutes later a cameraman arrived, the son had a printed list of questions to ask and they brought us various fruits and (much to Kierans delight as he had left a jar in the Kiev hostel) a jar of honey! And so for the second time in Ukraine we were on tv. Arjun secretly set up the handicam to film the whole thing, video soon.

After the interview we all shook hands and they wished us luck, and we continued through the town, where we stopped at an ATM and were welcomed to Ukraine by a friendly guy on a bike, and were called over by a man in his garden, who via charades offered us food and drinks in his house, and then after we’d declined (had to make distance) brought out a monetary donation before warmly shaking hands and wishing us luck! On the outskirts as well a car pulled over with three guys who welcomed us to Ukraine and wished us luck also. For such a innocuous small town, it really was a pleasure walking through!

We made our distance and so nearly made up yesterdays as well, but it was getting dark, the temperature was dropping and we were at the edge of camping. Overall a good day though.




  1. Sashko

    Hi ! I’m with television, when its ready i send you a report

  2. judy

    …always enjoy hearing about the kindness of people…it’s a great world which we’re sometimes apt to forget :)) xx

  3. Debby

    Excellent, sounds like you are meeting some very welcoming people over there… Will definately cheer up your days if it continues… xx

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