04.02.2013 Puppies, weight loss and rural roads

Up early and eager to exceed our requirements, we got to the junction where we left the main road before midday. We stopped at a garage there for a break and saw a dog with a litter of puppies in a kennel, sooo cute.

Arjun got a puncture which we readily fixed, the weather had warmed to a point where we are able to actually use our hands for a limited period without gloves.

Later in the day as we were nearing our distance, Arjun began suffering hip pain, so a mere 3km short for the day, we stopped in what was again nice camping and reviewed our rucksacks, losing some weight (not much…) and moving some things around to lighten the load on our backs.

(p.s. sorry for the lack of photos!)



  1. judy

    ..whilst it is nice to see you, it’s just great to hear from you….big :)) xxx

  2. Debby

    :) letting us know what you are doing is great in some cases without the pics xx

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