03.02.2013 Some good news

After stopping in the wifi restaurant in Poltava we found ourselves racing to get out of the town before dark, and failing. We were walking on an icy duel carriageway into oncoming traffic in the dark, and very quickly came to the conclusion that it was a stupid idea and so tried to get off the road into anywhere discreet. We managed to find a bit of grassland off the road near some garages at what was looking like the edge of town, and there in the dark we set up camp.

In the morning we we up early, got packed and got walking. The weather was definitely warming up, and as we were getting out onto the main road we decided to stop at a cafe to dress down. The place had wifi, and so we got out our electronics to charge as well, getting online and checking emails, our route and ringing home. After working out our roads, we did calculations and discovered that our required daily distance (not including today) was 25km…

No idea how we’d dragged down our average, but we were happy, so we relaxed for a bit, left and walked until dusk, stopping in some nice woody camping.



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