02.02.2013 A friendly white van man

We woke to again, warmer weather (still damn cold!), and in good moods headed into Poltava. On the outskirts a guy in a white van pulled over and came over to say hello (hey Alex!). Speaking perfect English, he offered us a lift 20km down the road, but when we explained what we were doing he took photos and insisted he offer help in some other way. We asked him about where we could shop, coincidentally in sight of a Metro (like a Costco or a Macro), which he pointed to and said he was a member, and would allow us to use his card there so we could buy in bulk. We thanked him and met him there half an hour later (he had a small chore to do first), and then him and Arjun went inside whilst Kieran watched the carts, and did a good two weeks shop for discount. Really nice guy, and outside he wished us luck and gave us some last advice before waving goodbye.

We packed the carts and headed into the town looking for a wifi restaurant, which we found and are currently at. We’re doing good, the cold has got to us but we have put our heads down and pushed through, and it seems the weather is finally getting warmer. Kierans knees have all but healed and his heel is getting better every day. Arjuns back problems are back to manageable, and he is otherwise all right. We still need to up our distance, but with more rural roads ahead we’re hoping we can walk for longer and claw back some miles.

k a





  1. Alex

    Hello guys!
    I have accidentally found this post first time after 4 years!
    Wish You all the best! Greetings from Poltava, Ukraine!

  2. Aww what a nice man! Glad to hear your heel’s doing better Kieran.

  3. judy

    ..well it may be cold out but isn’t it heart-warming to meet such nice people….Hello Alex :)) xxxx

  4. Debby

    Hey Alex, thank you for helping the boys..
    Again great pictures, loving the icy ones especially, what a wonderworld out there… Igloos next I think if you stay somewhere for a while.. Enjoy the snow as soon you will be moaning about the heat.. Good luck on you continued journey xx

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