31.01.2013 A windy day

The morning the fog had cleared and the snow had stopped, and though we didn’t want to jinx anything it seemed as though it was warmer.

We nodded to a traffic policeman as we were walking who then called us over to his partner, who was in the process of giving a man a ticket in the police car. The guy spoke English and inquired as to what we were doing, and then after we’d explained both him and the guy getting a ticket were cheerfully wishing us luck and even offered us a hot drink. We declined and continued, and not too much further down the road a car pulled over with two guys who took photos and wished us luck also, been meeting so many nice people on the way out of Kiev!

That afternoon the wind picked up and snowfall from the trees fast became snowfall from the sky, with conditions again getting bad just as the day was fading. We were at the bottom of a hill and due to the weather couldn’t see the top, but struggling to find anywhere to camp we decided to get to there and finish the day hopefully with good camping and the hill out of the way. The hill was much bigger and steeper than we anticipated, and 2km later as it began to crest we got off the road and into some wood, eager to set up camp before it got dark.

Unfortunately with the wind, our tent was looking really flexible, and with the frozen ground we were unable to peg out the guidelines to provide it any support. We searched around for ideas and better shelter but to no avail. Kieran then found a path which led into a field on the other side of the treeline out of the wind, but the view was of complete white out and quite unnerving. With no better ideas, Arjun agreed and we moved our gear, then put on a film as night descended.

DSC04865 DSC04871


DSC04853 DSC04840



  1. judy

    …love the pics…..keep warm and well :)) xx

  2. Debby

    Brrrrrr.. some great pictures though xx

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