30.01.2013 White out, with fog

We awoke to the exact same weather as the day before (heavy snow) with dense fog.

Arjun left the sewing of his salopettes for the evening, and we got on the road with the goal of making better distance, with the fixed bag strap seemingly helping his hip. We stopped at a garage briefly to buy water, and saw three men on a horse and sleigh casually ride past and pull up at a market further down the road. We came across hill after hill after hill, and finished the day at the top of a particularly long and steep one, where we found a rather hilarious picnic bench in the middle of a field, which with the conditions looked all the more amusing.

We decided to stop there, with decent camping opposite and conditions making walking a bit dangerous in the soon fading light.

DSC04896 DSC04963

DSC04934 DSC04912 DSC04915 DSC04917

DSC04923 DSC04967



  1. judy

    ….you look like a pair of Rudolph’s….I wish you had it’s pelt……xxxxx

  2. Debby

    you look too big for the picnic table and too cold to move, poor things, i really feel for you at the moment xx

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