29.01.2013 White out

We woke up earlier, it had began to snow heavily in the night and not stopped, forming what was basically a blizzard but without the wind. The landscape became rolling hills rather than the flat we had become accustomed to since Germany, and with the roads narrow from snow it really began to become difficult walking.

Arjuns hip had not gotten any less painful, and at the next town we stopped to seriously look at what the problem might be. After not too long an investigation we found that one of his bag shoulder straps was mostly coming away from the bag, explaining his shoulder pain and offering a possible reason for his hip worries. Having to get to camping we got back on the road and made it 20km before finding anywhere suitable to camp. That night whilst getting out his sewing kit to fix his bag, Arjun ripped open the crotch on his salopettes. It was still cold and had snowed heavily all day.





  1. judy

    b r r r ….xxxx

  2. Debby

    Looks like it did here last week and the week before… Shame you cant make snowballs with this snow.. hahaha xx

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