28.01.2013 ‘What is wrong?’

We woke up a bit late due to the cold, ate breakfast at the table and then got back to the road. Not too far along we heard a loudspeaker blaring Russian at us, turned around to see a police car had pulled up. We went back to see what they wanted, and once they saw that we were British they asked ‘what is wrong?’. We explained what we were doing, gave them a card and they cheerfully wished us luck and drove on.

We both started getting shoulder pains late in the day, so stopped for 10mins at the last of eight hotels we walked past to rest and have a look at adjusting our rucksacks. Kierans knee was feeling better as long as he was careful about his gait, but with the limp gone the original injury in his heel was starting to feel a bit tight. Arjun was suffering from back and hip pains, so we stopped that night by a field on a perfectly flat ice sheet, hoping the flat ground would help, but it was no good.




  1. Debby

    Anyone for iced water???

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