Not loving this Sunday morning

So during our stay we dried everything, sewed up all frayed stitching and charged all our electronics. Kierans heel has recovered, so hopefully no need for any more heel cups and limping, and though his knee is still in a bad way, it has got less painful, which combined with its painless range of motion means that it isn’t a worst case scenario and just requires a lot of care and precaution. The temperature has dropped significantly and it has been snowing near continuously, but we’re optimistic in catching up on missed distance.

Today we’re back on the road, hopefully for a good run at the Kazakh border, so if we’re quiet for a while it’s because we’re making distance! You can follow our daily progress on our twitter @theborderwalk, donate on our website, or the top right links on all pages here on the blog where you can also subscribe to receive emails with each new blog post.

We would like to thank people for all the advice and support that has come our way, we’ve put it too good use and it does seem to be paying off! Now we just need to adapt it around constant walking and for the resources we have in our tent…








One comment

  1. judy

    ..absolutely fully understand your desire to complete your goal and admire your determination, but please please trust and follow your body’s advice….. you have 3 years to go yet!……..good luck big :)) face xx

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