We’ve been in this Spanish hotel for a few days now, resting and sorting out our equipment. After exhaustive research Kieran couldn’t find anything online which seemed to describe his knee problems, until someone tweeted about a problem they had which seemed to be an exact match. A few phone calls home and talks with a doctor and it seems it might be quite bad…

The advice is a few weeks rest, anti-inflammatories (as is always the case), and to see what happens. This being borderwalk, we’re taking a few days rest, then Kieran is going to bandage up his knee, try and fashion some sort of walking cane/crutch, and then continue, hoping that after this rest the worst will be over and that he can walk it off. There is a real risk that if this doesn’t heal he might do permanent damage, so we are taking this seriously, but there is also a risk that we rest too long and miss our Russian visas, so getting back on the road is important also.

The suspected injury is either a minorĀ meniscal tear or knee ligament damage, if there is anybody reading who has experienced such injuries before and has any advice we’d be very grateful, but for now it’s elevated rest and ibuprofen. Along with movies.

Sorry for another delay in walking, we will post again with an update when we’re ready to head off, at latest it will be this Sunday. Until then, Kieran played with flash and long exposure times a little bit, photos below.




This last one isn’t anything to do with playing, it’s the booth where we rest during the day because the wifi doesn’t reach to our room.



  1. angie

    Have you researched tendonitis? the tendons inflame from overuse, which is quite possible considering you’re walking practically everyday for hours. Icing it everyday and anti-inflammatories can help.

  2. judy

    .intrepid and determined you both are, no doubt at all :)) but please just take very good carexxxxxxx

  3. Debby

    Rest and even if you think it has healed you still need to be very careful. Heed doctors advice

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