18/19.01.2013 In need of a medipack

With the flat ground and Kierans knee, we agreed to take a day off. It was a long, wet day, with no entertainment other than Arjun finding mice nesting in his cart, and having to, in the rain, completely empty his cart, scare them out and repack his cart. There were three mice. Kieran did not check his cart. It rained ALL day.

In the day we did little chores, like fixing clothes, reorganising things a little better, attempting to dry clothes using body warmth; general stuff. The mice didn’t bother us all day, but that night they returned, sieging the tent as we struggled to sleep. It rained ALL night.


The next morning we awoke to mouse feaces pretty much everywhere, and no rain. We checked our carts, and both had to remove and repack everything, scaring off a total of five mice in the process, but not before they’d defecated over many of our things. With Kierans knee still showing no signs of recovery, it looked again to be a very bad day.

We spent quite a while cleaning our things using old summer socks and hand sanitiser, Kieran reduced the size of his improvised heel cup to try and reduce the limp, taking strain off the knee, and then we got back on the road. It started raining not too long after, Kierans attempted knee fix just ended up hurting both heel and knee, and Arjun was rather in need of a bathroom.

We came to a small village where we found a restaurant to stop at for a couple of minutes. Kieran sorted out his heel cup and Arjun went inside, where he found a porcelain squat toilet. Once Kieran was ready we moved on.

Back on the road a good 5km out of the village we saw a castle-styled building. Kieran stopped in a bus stop to rest his pained knee just outside, and Arjun went in to see what the place was. He came back a happy man, as it was a cheap restaurant/hotel with wifi.

We checked in so that we could properly clean and dry our clothes and gear, and Kieran attempted further diagnosis.


  1. Debby

    Oh boys.. what are you like. Take the rest whilst you can, and Kieran, get that knee better…

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