17.01.2013 This is a bad day

It rained ALL morning. Kierans knee was still in pain and everything on his cart had somehow got soaked; the map, his shoes, winter coat (inside and out), waterproof coat (we’ve come to realise that nothing is waterproof), and everything else in his cart. Both of us had wet sleeping bags (inside and out), wet clothes, gloves, hats; the tent had proved no use against the elements, even under trees.

It was a bad morning, for Kieran in particular as the injury to his knee was showing no signs of healing and he began to worry about causing permanent damage.

We walked, in heavy rain, which didn’t stop ALL day. Every truck that drove past kicked up a horrific amount of spray which filthied our clothes and distressed Kieran even more, and Arjuns headphones were showing their age as one was quieter than the other, which annoyed him constantly.

It was a slow day, and we didn’t make it too far before it began to darken, the dense, dark clouds adding to the gloom. There was a silver lining however, in that as we looked for camping we found perfectly flat, concealed ground, which we could drag our carts to without having to carry them. The silver lining was then throughout the night scurried over, nibbled at and defecated on by a mouse, which showed no fear of us and looked rather cute under torchlight.

It rained ALL night.



  1. judy

    …plastic boxes….:)) xx

  2. Debby

    Glad you can see the funny side of this

  3. Charl

    Hugs Kieran, really hope your knee improves soon x

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