16.01.2013 Revisits

In the hotel in the morning Kieran fashioned a heel cup as best he could from a rolled up pair of socks and Arjuns odd insole (which he’d for some reason kept since Kiev). It rather surprisingly worked a charm, and Kieran was now able to hobble around on his busted up knee without heel pain.

We were out and on the road walking by 10am, the weather had warmed up and there was a light drizzle. We made it to the outskirts of what looked like a small town, but as we walked through it ended up being almost a small city, it went on for ages. In what appeared to be the centre a car pulled up, and one of the guys who stopped in the previous town on the 12th got out with a friend to say hello! Shook hands, took a photo, had a quick chat and then was back on his way, was nice, and another man chatted as Arjun did a bit of shopping nearing the outskirts.

About mid-afternoon as we were back out on the road, Kieran had to stop from knee pain, so we set up camp under trees and finished just as the drizzle began to pick up.

It rained, ALL night.



  1. Debby

    It never rains but pours…… Keep you chin up…

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