14.01.2013 Diagnosis

We got up, Arjuns blisters were worse, Kierans heels were worse, we were cold, tired, thirsty and frustrated that we were suffering almost constant bad fortune, and now almost constant pain too. We packed up and tried to get our heads down and make distance.

Kieran had to stop a couple of times, Arjun needed to buy liquids at a garage, and we both agreed we needed a rest day, even though we were still falling behind on distance.

It was a bit of a walk, but we eventually came across a nice looking hotel with a restaurant and wifi. The owners daughter was around and came over to (in really good English) ask us about what we were doing, took a card and wished us luck, and though we intended to stop only for the wifi and a bit of a rest, we inevitably checked room prices, found them to be more than reasonable, and so checked in.

Arjun tried to sort out his feet best he could and Kieran went online to diagnose some things…
Arjun has potentially got; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Leprosy, or is Pregnant. Kieran has potentially got; Plantar Fasciitis, a Heel Spur, Hepatitis, or a more generalised condition such as Cancer.

In reality, Arjun has light frostnip and Kieran has stretched/torn an achilles tendon, requiring six weeks rest which he’s not going to get.

DSC04801 DSC04795 SONY DSC



  1. judy

    ..better safe than sorry….absolutely not ideal but recuperation now may mean you can continue the journey easier, it’s enough of a struggle for you without this added problem and for sure it won’t get better without rest…don’t you just love all this advice ha ! :)) xxx

  2. Debby

    Oh what a pickle.. so in general you are both too ill to continue with this journey????? ha ha ha. hot and cold compress on heel if possible, strapping and warmth. Blister plasters whenever possible and couple of thin pairs of socks. On a lighter note, hotel looks nice, gives you both a break and proper food, chance to catch up on sleep and get clothes dry. Again watch those feet and if you have to walk slowly do so, you cant afford to cause more damage..

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