12.01.2013 Kieran starts to feel pain too

The ‘top of fly-netting open’ experiment proved a great success, with minimal ice coverage over only the feet of our sleeping bags. Arjuns blisters seemed a bit better, but we were both suffering from stiff joints in the morning.

We stopped in a garage quickly to warm up, and the manager very kindly bought us chocolate croissants. Our MP3players had run out of battery the previous day so we decided to test out the solar panels, though had very little hope as the cloud cover was even causing problems for our GPS unit. With a quick check of the map to see how badly we were doing, we set off with the intention of upping our game.

Arjuns blisters swelled up rather badly, and after around 10km Kieran noticed a pain in his heel, which over the next 5km turned into a limp causing pain in his knee also. We stopped in a town to work out our pains and met two groups of people in cars who were all pleasant and wished us luck, then stumbled out another few km to pretty poor camping opposite a hotel/restaurant, which wasn’t disheartening at all…

DSC04784 DSC04761



  1. judy

    …….:)) beautiful pictures :)) xx Take care tho’ please xxx

  2. Debby

    You two are falling apart…. dido to Lotts comment above x

  3. Charl

    sending huge warm hugs xxxxxxx

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