11.01.2013 An interview for Ukrainian tv

The ‘fly-netting only’ idea hadn’t worked, and there was still snow inside the tent. We were up early again though and on the road in good time, pretty back in the swing with early mornings again. Almost all our liquids were completely frozen, so we stopped at a garage to melt what we could and luckily found drinkable tapwater (we think). As we were prepping to leave, three fluent English speaking guys came over to take some photos, and after we’d explained what we were doing, asked if they could interview us for the tv. We said yes.

They then went around to their van where they pulled out a really nice camcorder, a mic and a camera and proceeded to properly interview us. They took our details, got various shots and wished us luck. Ends up we’re on tv in Ukraine! They did point out our snow goggles however, which we quietly put away as there hadn’t been a blizzard since we’d got them out.

Walking into the evening Kieran began to overheat and had to remove a couple of layers. We made good distance, and that night found a quiet, sheltered camp out of the wind (to note, like all our campsites since leaving the hostel, it required us to carry our carts one by one through deep snow, which is exhausting). Kieran suggested that as well as sleep with only the fly-netting up, that we leave the top quarter or so completely open. Arjun was dubious, but agreed to the experiment.



  1. judy

    ……b e a ut i f u l picture tho’ xxxx :))

  2. Debby

    :) much better xx

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