10.01.2013 An upgrade of gear

We were up early, and again there was a thick layer of snow over everything inside the tent, making the morning pack-up a cold task. We discussed possible solutions but settled on it likely being a result of the unsuitable tent.

Whilst walking, Kieran did some thinking and concluded that we would arrive in Kazakhstan most likely as the weather was warming up, and that we were probably nearing the middle of the worst of the winter whilst still holding out on wearing the better of our cold weather gear. We stopped at the first cafe we came across, and changed into some decent winter clothes.

Kieran got out of his soaked (and whilst not walking, freezing) trainers and into boots with winter socks, Arjun got out proper gloves and we both swapped our cheap Aldi salopettes for our decent ones. Arjun also decided to wear his snow goggles as well.

We didn’t make great distance, but apart from Arjuns worsening blistered feet, we were feeling much better, and a couple friendly groups of people in cars stopped to inquire what we were doing as well.

That night Kieran suggested sleeping with only the fly-netting up to try and reduce condensation and stop the indoor snow.




  1. judy

    ..that’s the spirit :)) xxx

  2. Debby

    Yeah, you are sounding much better, getting use to the weather is going to be hard after your long break but you can do it..

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