09.01.2013 Snow within

The nights were getting colder and colder, and we woke up to our condensation having created an unbelievable amount of snow and ice lining everything inside the tent. Every movement caused literal snow to fall from the walls and we had to brush down our sleeping bags and gear before we could even touch them they were that cold with frost. Arjun was cold all night, and decided to set up his sleeping bags the same way as Kieran. Also in the night, we both heard a loud, terrifying screaming from a slow passing car on the road…

We finished the good meat in the morning, Kieran decided to wear his snow goggles after the blizzard yesterday, and we made all right distance; still short, but getting better each day, unlike Arjuns blisters.




  1. judy


  2. Debby

    :( again

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