05.01.2013 Bad luck continues

With it being our first morning in proper cold it took a while to pack, and when we got on the road Kieran discovered another puncture and Arjun found that one of his water bottles had burst with the ice in the night. Throughout the day Arjun began to feel the onset of blisters, and after making disappointing distance, Kieran had yet another puncture. So, on a junction, we decided to stop for the day, Kieran to change his tyre hoping it would solve the puncture problem, and Arjun to take rest in the hope that his blisters could heal before becoming too bad.

It was a cold, crap day, and we were quickly realising that we were going to have to fast adapt to new challenges.




  1. judy

    …after a 3 month break it was always going to be hard and it’s not a good time of year…but you are nothing if not indomitable…….thinking of you both :)) xx

  2. Debby

    Good job you have tyres…… yes lots of new challenges ahead for you both, I have total confidence you will deal with them well x

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