04.01.2013 Out of the city

We were up a little late, not used to early mornings, and packed up with it all still feeling a little surreal. Back on the road, we came to the bridge and were instantly stuck. We had chosen a route which took us out on the road we needed to stay on, but the city roads leading to it had no cleared pedestrian paths and the bridge was traffic only. We struggled through snow and ice, with Kieran getting a puncture, and made it to the roadside, where we got too frustrated to care anymore and simply got onto the road itself. It wasn’t fun, but after not too long over the bridge the footpaths became walkable and we began making good progress towards the outskirts.

As we left the city and the road turned into motorway, the temperature began to drop dramatically, and so with it getting dark we rather fortunately found a hidden camp by the roadside (albeit it required us carrying the carts to get there) and clothed up for the night.

Kieran realised he had left his knife somewhere. Was not happy, but it was only the beginning.




  1. judy

    …echo that ..:(( xxx

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