03.01.2013 Looking at a long road ahead

The night before some of the hostel owners and a few friends came around for some drinks as a last goodbye, was really nice, but today despite being up early and trying to be quick, we were still packing and planning our route out of the city by midday.

A few more people arrived to say goodbye as we left, and we were even given a couple of gifts! By 1pm after a heartfelt final farewell, we were back on the road, and knew it would be for a long time.

It started raining, was extremely slow going with busy, iced pavements, and we were given incorrect directions on the way out so even got a little lost. Luckily our Ukraine atlas has city plans and before dark we were back on the right track, but still inside the city. We got down to the riverside where there was small woodlands and found a discreet camp tucked under trees and ate sweets.

Our first night camping was cold, uncomfortable, and suffered from a lot of traffic and train noise.




  1. judy

    …must have made you feel good having so many people looking to you….makes me feel good :)) xx

  2. Debby

    Get these ski things made for the carts……..

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