02.01.2013 9.5 million dong

We were supposed to leave today, but inevitably things still needed to be charged and we still needed to do shopping for the journey ahead, and so we focused on proper preparation for leaving tomorrow. We bought a nice sausage and multiple bricks of meat for less than £2 a go, which we were later told was ‘first quality’, which meant it was the lowest quality… tasted all right though.

In the evening we decided to have a last meal, and so went to a western restaurant which we knew did burgers and chips and tried not to think about leaving. It was delicious, but when it came to paying, the card declined. We have multiple accounts, but the one that declined was our main one, which was a cause for concern.

We paid, left, and got onto internet banking to check the problem, and found that our account had been cleaned out on Xmas Eve. The entire of the Xmas period we had spent with Arjuns parents, so we knew it wasn’t us who had made the transactions, and though it was late, we tried our luck ringing Metrobank. Within minutes they had discovered that the transactions were made in Vietnam from Arjuns card, so it must have been cloned somewhere, and so went about refunding the money and cancelling the card. We still have access through Kierans card, and are soooo grateful for MetroBank for their efficiency!




  1. judy

    …good choice of bank :)) xxx Three cheers for the Metro Bank…..

  2. Debby

    Shame about the money, great news re the banks help.. Be careful where you use the card and if poss go into a bank to withdraw money. Glad to see you are eating well…

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