Final updates from Kiev and shout outs

We arrived in Kiev expecting to be here for a month at most, Kieran’s parents came out to collect our passports and we were in contact with visa offices ready to begin the application process. Ends up because we’re not exactly tourists, and what we’re doing can’t really be classed as a holiday, the process was drawn out until and wasn’t finished until very recently, requiring multitudinous emails back and forth with the visa company and with Sony trying to get business visas and all the proper paperwork through to the right people, etc etc.  Then with the Ukraine visas coming to an end and us still without our passports, Arjun’s parents came over with all the paperwork to save on postal waiting time. Now, a little more than two months later, we are finally ready to continue.

We would first off like to thank all our readers/followers for waiting this out, trust us, it’s felt like an even longer wait on our side!

Secondly, we would like to thank all the owners and staff at the WhyNot? Hostel, who have been of immense help and kept us upbeat and entertained (and supplied with drink) during our stay, shout out to Peter, Vova, Timo, Lera, Vika, Lina and Lidka! We will be back.

Thirdly, a shout out to everyone we’ve met and enjoyed time with who have passed through the hostel, here’s to you Dorin, Jason from the ChillOut hostel, Bekki from the MagicBus hostel, Lucky and Reuben, James Johnson, Tristan, Paulina and friends from Poland, Nia and Michael along with the rest of the German wedding group, Umur, Sasha the Russian, Nina, Anastasia, Anir, Egor, Osman the photographer, the two Danish journalists, Rostislav the art show host, Danny, Amy, the two Australians motorcycling the world, the Marilyn Manson gig group, the kebab van man, the guy who followed our link from our coats, and from outside McDonalds the drunk group with the girl who loved our accents and the Welsh speaking guy! We know we’ve forgot names, but we haven’t forgot people, so we truly apologise and ask you to please get in touch!

Last but not least (you guys get your own paragraph), all the girls from the ILP; Alicia, Ally, Jillian, Hailey, Whitney, EmilyShelly, April and Bailee; and everyone we’ve met from the Peace Corp whose facebooks we didn’t get, if any of you are reading this, add us!

We have mostly packed up all our things, are hoping to get a final video put together before tonight and will be leaving on January 2nd. We would have left today but the hostel staff convinced us to stay for the New Years party, which also means we’ll need tomorrow to recover and do some final prep before finally heading back out into the world. Our plans now are to get to Russia by mid-February, and to Kazakhstan by March, hopefully before the snow clears so that we have consistent water access. It will be difficult, and it will be cold and wet, but this project was never expected to be easy and we feel we are prepared.

Again we thank you for your patience, when we leave here we are expecting it to be a while before we find wi-fi or time to update, so we request you follow our twitter for regular updates on our location, and subscribe to our youtube.






  1. judy

    …I echo your thanks to everyone especially the WhyNot Hostel for caring for you so well, and all the people you have met there who have been kind and who you have befriended. Good luck to you both, keep safe as usual, and warm! I will be following you and eagerly waiting for news of you. In the meantime, have an absolutely GREAT New Year :)) xxxxx

  2. Christine

    That’s me crying again. x I know it’s a few hours early, but Happy New Year to you both. Take care (always) I’ll be watching and waiting for updates. Enjoy tonight xx

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