12.10.2012 The weekend has landed

Again cold in the morning, Arjun did push-ups to warm up. It wasn’t raining, we were basically in Kiev, and we knew that somewhere inside was a hotel with Kierans parents in it.

On our way in we saw two ladies with hi-vis jackets and radiation detectors by a stream, and didn’t really draw any attention. It made a change, and we made easy work of finding the hotel, though at the hotel we got the usual treatment.

Arriving, we were repeatedly asked if we had got the hotel name right, and had our passports checked against the booking name and a security guard with us at all times. It was all done in a polite fashion though, and once we’d explained what we were doing the staff were very friendly and helpful. We showered, changed, and went to meet Kierans parents, who took us out for a meal and then bought us drinks as we played cards in the hotel into the early hours.

The weekend had landed and we had it off.


  1. Debby

    Hang on boys…. didn’t you sneak out of the hotel to continue your drinking????

  2. judy

    ….y e s s s s :)) x

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