11.10.2012 The wolf

There was a bit of rain in the morning and it was really cold, so cold that Arjuns hands were in a state of almost constant pain until we got moving.

We got to a town on the Kiev outskirts and drew a lot of attention from the roadwork crews. Stopping at a garage, a guy travelling around Ukraine stopped to chat, and was amazed when we explained what we were doing. He took photos, waved at us the entire time we were there and drove past beeping his horn and waving further down the road. Nice guy, little bit fanatical.

As we were coming to what we thought was the edge of town it began to get really woody, but no less developed. It was really nice, a town built in the woods, and it went on for a long time.

Eventually the woods grew denser and the town less so, until we were passing roadside stalls into pure woodland. Up until this point all roads in Ukraine have had a large hard shoulder which we walk in, but here it seemed the rules were different, and the hard shoulder was instead just another lane even though the road markings said otherwise.

It was tense and difficult, especially in parts where the roadside got particularly rough and we were forced to deal with traffic. To add to the tension, as we were walking we saw a wolf. Not a large dog. A wolf. We would have got it on photo but it was getting dark and we weren’t going to camp in the area, so we put our heads down and pushed on.

Thankfully we made it a couple of garages on the edge of the woodland just as it was getting dark. It had ugly but hidden camping, and a little past that we could see the edge of Kiev city.



  1. Debby

    Yeah Kyiv, what an achievement, you have reached Kyiv, well done to you both. Next stop Russia…

  2. judy

    ..loved the recent posts and fab pictures……:)) x

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