09.10.2012 The easiest day

In the morning there was a bit of rain, and we had cold feet, but a decent breakfast and a surprisingly easy day ahead of us.

We were on the road by 10am, and by 11.30am had come to the end of the woods where there was a nice cafe with shop inside. We checked the map, and found that we were on the outskirts of Kiev in the last bit of decent camping. It was only tuesday, and we weren’t meeting Kierans parents until friday, so we had no choice but to stop.

We were surrounded by woodland so holed up in the cafe for the day, sorting out photos and footage and enjoying cheap Irish coffee.

At 6pm we went out to find camping, and found a totally hidden place with flat ground. After Kieran had spent half an hour chasing a frog, we discussed all the spare time we had and agreed to stay where we were to take our day off, rather than in inner city camping.


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