07.10.2012 The ditch

It was warmer in the night and we got good sleep, and finished the last of our meat and bread for breakfast. Working out that we only had to cover 16km a day to arrive in Kiev a day early for meeting Kierans parents, we casually strolled for the day playing Room 101 again, but aware of our pace.

We walked past a couple of garages which didn’t sell anything, a nuisance seeing as all we had left were biscuits.

Saw a sign which Kieran climbed, and walked past a sandy hill, which Kieran also climbed.

We came across another garage which didn’t sell anything and so continued, unfortunately out into open plains. We turned back on ourselves a little way, but were aware that we hadn’t seen good camping for a while, so got off the road as deep as the remaining woodland would allow and found a ditch. Literally a ditch.

Still early we couldn’t set up camp until dark, and Kieran spent a while walking around the area desperate to find a nicer spot. Before dark it began to rain, and so Kieran gave up and Arjun agreed to set up the tent before the rain got heavy.

It did get heavy, and it rained all night.


  1. Taylor

    Think that is the deep mind…

  2. judy

    ..you look rather pensive kk….x :))

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