06.10.2012 Room 101

We had fallen asleep early, and woke up to dark. Kieran asked what time it was and Arjun dejectedly discovered it was 12.30am. Finding it funny, Kieran decided to have an sandwich, Arjun didn’t really see a funny side and tried to force himself into sleep. It didn’t work, and as we both led there awake the morning grew increasingly cold, to the point where even if we had been asleep we would have woken up because of it.

As the sun came up, we got up and put on a layer of thermals. Once we’d packed and were ready to leave, the clouds parted and it grew hot, and stayed hot all day.

We stopped at a roadside cafe to cool down, and what we guessed was the owner came out to chat and gave us bottled water and chocolate biscuits.

On the road a huge soviet style military bus stopped, and the driver offered us a lift. Once we’d explained what we were doing he paused for a second, then climbed down the ladder out of the vehicle to shake our hands and wish us luck, a really nice guy.

We walked at a casual pace playing Room 101, where we’d pick a category and then pick three things each to put inside. It turned out to be a great distraction and we forgot about the casual pace we were setting, finishing the day by 3pm, fortunately in really nice woodland.

We got out the cameras for a while, but with the heat came the mosquitoes and we were in the tent early again. Wanting a more normal pattern of sleep, we got out the playing cards for the evening.



  1. Taylor

    Oh wow Kieran, i like these pictures, good idea putting the names of all the countries you’ve been into on your bag :D also loving the picture of you being a tree for a day .. suits you :P Keep going well lads, proud of both of you <3

  2. judy

    … hmm a bit Tolkein :)) …….x

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