05.10.2012 Beauty in nature

The most uncomfortable floor in a long time, Kieran got no sleep at all and Arjun had some very surreal dreams.

We went back to the garage to buy some water and snacks and Kieran decided to repack his cart the old way. As we were sitting outside the manager came out to chat with us, offered us coffee, let us charge our phones and took a couple of photos. Three guys in a van filling up also took some photos though didn’t come over to talk.

We got on the road and a couple of cars friendly beeped us, including a flower van which had passed us multiple times over the past few days.

A couple in a brand new luxury car pulled over and offered to give us a lift, which was staggering considering what we must look like, people in Ukraine really are amazingly friendly.

Another car pulled up later down the road, three guys who were curious about what we were doing and wished us luck, and not long after that a farmer and his son approached us and insisted on giving us some fruit for the walk, which was especially nice considering it looked like their packed lunch for the day.

Walking towards woodland Kieran found a calendar on the side of the road, and seeing as we were finishing for the day decided to pick it up to take to camp. We struggled getting into a nice area with the carts, but where we stopped it was so quiet that it was possible to hear the flapping of birds wings as they flew overhead.


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  1. judy

    :))….be safe boys xx

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