04.10.2012 Nnnnrhn

All the clouds that weren’t in the sky yesterday were in the sky today, but thankfully it didn’t rain.

We got on the road and made 10km really early, so stopped for a while. As we were stopped we watched a man on a vintage motorbike pull up at a junction not too far from us, casually pick up roadkill with his bare hands, and throw it off into a field (if you’ve seen The Inbetweeners Movie, think of the scene when they arrive at the hotel with the owner and the dog in the well. It was pretty much that).

We staggered our walking to slow down our pace, stopping in bus stops for breaks and at a hilarious sign for photos. The top word is the cyrillic spelling, the bottom one latin, both the same pronunciation.

Throughout Ukraine the roads have been long and straight, and towards the end of the day we saw lights a way off at the top of a rise in the road. We got out the binoculars, confirmed it was a garage, and decided to make it our finishing point for the day, even though we’d already walked more than required.

At the garage we treated ourselves to a cheap canned cocktail, and then found incredibly discreet and uncomfortable camping in the edge of woodland opposite.


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